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About Telitem


TELITEM rallies highly-skilled individuals with a strong expertise in technical or management fields, interested in achieving innovative projects.

Our ultimate objective is to help our partners addressing their issues by providing them with a strong experience in telecommunication, network, multimedia, information technology and embedded systems. 


Since our creation, our team has been dedicating considerable efforts in developing a strategic vision that allows us to quickly anticipate any future challenge a partner may face. 

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Fields of expertise


Telecommunications, Networks and Multimedia

The telecommunications and multimedia sector has been undergoing radical changes for the last 20 years: operators increasing bandwidth to handle users’ data requirements that double every year. New services (electronic payments, Machine-To-Machine (M2M), Smart Grid, Video [DVB, MPEG, HEVC, etc.]) are just some of today’s vital strategic issues facing many companies.


Information Technology

A company’s information system is still the key of any organisation. Information systems must be optimised to guarantee the best possible balance between reliability, security and costs, whilst protecting your assets today and in the future, as new technologies are integrated. These include Big Data, cloud computing, Internet access, mobile applications, CRM, BI, etc.


Embedded systems

Telitem aims to provide the right response to convergence issues. It is therefore vital to provide expertise in Embedded systems present in our day-to-day lives: PCs, tablets, mobiles, smartcards, GPS, hardware in the motor industry, aviation and rail, STB, smart grids, etc.

Acknowledged Telitem experts work with you in the following activities and businesses:

project management / architecture / engineering / integration / deployment / optimisation / validation / support

Our values



Our clients’ technological stakes are our day-to-day challenge. Our staff members share with you their passion and their expertise in innovation projects.



The men and women of Telitem are the key factor of our business. We make the most of what makes you special against the basis of our core values: diversity, transparency and support.



Working at Telitem means being part of a dynamic, human-sized company, of contributing what makes us special. We We encourage dialogue with accurate and honest answers…



Working together means, above all, sharing moments of success and difficulty. What can be better than meeting in alternative settings to talk and get to know each other better so that we can all progress together?

Our clients

Our projects are carried out for leading-name domestic and international clients in the following sectors:
telecommunications, multimedia, industry, banking and services.

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